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FIT Finds :: Coolers and Lunch Bags

Whitney Carlson4 Comments

For those of us who work most of the day, and even those of us on the go chasing little ones around, finding a suitable carrying case for your clean prepped foods can be a pain! I can't tell you how many bags we have gone through in our household: we think one will fit enough clean eats and then it either doesn't measure up or it simply falls apart after a month or two.

It may sound silly, but having a bag that will actually hold all of the good food you have cooked for yourself on your prep day will really make eating clean THAT much easier! Here are a few of our favorite coolers and bags for toting around our daily food:

1. Sachi Insulated Fashion Lunch Tote, Brown Leopard - This baby is discrete! It looks just like your purse hanging on your arm or sitting by your desk, but at 13.8" x 5.5" x 9", it has enough room to hold two to three meals depending how you pack them! Pick this gem up in 5 colors, starting at $23.99

2. Rachael Ray Jumbo Chill Out Thermal Tote - Now this may look more like a cooler, but it comes in 3 colors and is super cute and VERY roomy! It's total dimensions are 22" x 8" x 17.2." You could easily fit 3 meals in this one! Each color starts at $24.99.

3. Koko Michelle Large Insulated Fashion Lunch Bag - Perhaps you are running errands and only need to keep one of your meals cold? No problem! You could easily transport your meal and a credit card and keys in this cute little cooler purse.  Starts at $22.26.

What's your favorite?