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SHE Sweats :: Sunday Shred - Row Your Way to a Sexy You

Cardio/HIITWhitney Carlson10 Comments

Ever stared that the rowing machine in the gym? Just really stared at it? It looks pretty daunting, doesn't it? Guess what?!!?? It's NOT! The rowing machine has SO many more benefits than just trimming your back. It's a full body workout - your legs, rear, back, abs, shoulders and arms will be engaged as you take your fitness level up a couple notches. Best of all... everyone else is afraid of it, so you will rarely have to wait to use the machine! Come on... let's do some HIIT cardio that will leave you drenched and feeling like a winner!

Below are a few benefits of a rowing workout:

1. Lower Impact Workout - If you have knee or ankle problems. Don't worry about it! Since you aren't standing up, rowing is much less impact than a traditional cardio workout on a treadmill or stair climber.

2. Full Body Toning - Yep, that's right! You would be hard pressed to find a cardio workout that uses more muscles in your body than rowing.

3. High Caloric Burn - Even better - the more muscles you incorporate, the more calories you burn! On average, you will burn about 600 calories per hour. (This depends on your fitness level, body weight, mass ratios, intensity, etc.)

Let's get to the workout! Here it is (note: this workout was updated 4/30/15):

(click on picture to enlarge)

Remember to use proper form when you are rowing your way to health! Follow all safety precautions including keeping your feet strapped in and your chest and back upright and in good posture. Looking straight forward, begin the row using your lower body (legs) and finish the stroke with your upper body (arms/back).

If you can't maintain the cadence set by the workout, no problem! Drop down to a more comfortable pace for you and work up to the suggested cadence.

Make a date with the rowing machine. Happy Burning and Happy Rowing!

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