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She Sweats :: Dirty Girl Mud Run

EventsWhitney Carlson7 Comments

We completed the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Atlanta last weekend.  This was the second run that we did this year.  Like we have mentioned before we are not runners but chose these runs because they looked like they would be really fun!  Just like when we did The Color Run, we had shirts made for the blog!

This one was a lot of fun but we were expecting it to be a little bit harder than it actually was.  We have come to a consensus that runs are not for us.  We enjoy taking different classes that consist of weight lifting and cardio.  But I guess we shouldn't rule them out completely....

We had quite a few girls on our "team".  Here are a few pics!

We were still "clean" in these.


Have you completed the Dirty Girl Mud Run or The Color Run?

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