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He and She Save: Clean Coupons! (Part 2)

ShoppingWhitney Carlson2 Comments

We have received a few more coupons lately so I wanted to share those companies with you. I'll keep you updated when I hear back from more.

Click here for more "Clean Coupon" opportunities!

- Blue Diamond: Request coupons via "contact us" on their webpage.  We use their unsweetened almond milk & purchase their almonds when they are BOGO at Publix!

- Heinz: Request coupons via "contact us" on their webpage.  We *sometimes* use their reduced-sugar ketchup (it has sucralose in it so don't use very much or use it very often).

He & She Tips:

* Look in your pantry & refrigerator & write down the items you purchase frequently.

* Find the product's website & fill out the "contact us"...simply ask for coupons & provide your address! (Type up a document on your computer & just copy & paste it for each company.)

* Set reminders on your calendar on the same day each month so that you remember to request the coupons!

Have you had any success finding clean coupons?  If so, for which products?

Happy Savvy Shopping!

- Whitney