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He and She Save: Clean Coupons! (Part 1)

ShoppingWhitney Carlson8 Comments

You have probably heard this before but you cannot put a price on your health...but we can help soften the blow!  I am not one to cut coupons because I feel like it is a waste of my time because all I find are coupons for processed JUNK!  Instead I decided that I would write down a list of all the items we purchase on a weekly basis, contact them via email & ask nicely that they send me coupons.  It worked!  The two listed below are the ones that we have received coupons from so far.  I'll keep you updated when I hear back from more!

Update: Click here for more "Clean Coupon" opportunities!

Crystal Farms All Whites: Request coupons once every three months via "contact us" on their webpage.

Food For Life (Ezekiel Products): Request coupons once per month via "contact us" on their webpage.  We have noticed that they are not always consistent in sending them out but we will take what we can get!  Our local Publix doubles these coupons!

He & She Tips:

* Look in your pantry & refrigerator & write down the items you purchase frequently.

* Find the product's website & fill out the "contact us"...simply ask for coupons & provide your address! (Type up a document on your computer & just copy & paste it for each company.)

* Set reminders on your calendar on the same day each month so that you remember to request the coupons!

Have you had any success finding clean coupons?  If so, for which products?

Happy Savvy Shopping!

- Whitney