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When you just can't get it together...

Whitney Carlson6 Comments

We all have those days, right? We just can't get it together and seems like we are DOOMED... right there... in that instant, for the rest of our days here on Earth. (Let me clear this up - it feels like that, but that is SO far from reality, it's not even funny! You are not DOOMED - tomorrow is another and a better day!) Stress is a daily obstacle for 99.9% of the world - it's also a major reason we overinduldge and stray from our normal patterns, including our eating patterns.

I recently received a text message from one of my students in an aerobics class that I teach. She has been diligently keeping a food log and trying hard to lose a few extra pounds she has put on over the years. She eats moderately clean, but life gets in the way and she is often overcome with family or work obligations and succumbs to the need for a "fast" or "convenient" meal rather than a healthy, clean meal. Her text message stated that she had gone out for her birthday and overdid it on the eating. She wanted to know if she should cry or shake it off.


Shake it off.

Here's why

eating clean is a


and NOT a diet - You have to change your patterns and your thinking. Diets last for a few months (or a few days in many cases), lifestyles stick with you for a much longer extended period of time. If you mess up one day, it's okay - try again tomorrow. With food, nothing is ever final.  Don't beat yourself up if you mess up and eat your "old" favorite candybar, a bowl of ice cream or even a handful of those overly processed crackers at a SuperBowl party. IT'S OKAY! Try not to do it again and do better tomorrow!

Do one thing tomorrow better than you did today and you will be back on the right track!