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He Travels :: Clean Eating From 30,000 feet

Whitney CarlsonComment

Seeing how I travel about 80% of the time for business with most of my time spent rushing from one meeting to the next, then back to the airport to catch another flight, it is challenging at times to find good clean meals on the run.  That's why I was pleasantly surprise on a recent flight from Atlanta to San Francisco when given the choice for my meal 

(luckily I was upgraded to first class...one of the few perks of being a road warrior) 

between a nasty precooked cheeseburger 

(really...a cheeseburger at 30K in the air...clean eating or not, that just doesn't sound appetizing at all) 

and a crisp looking grilled chicken salad with a side of fruit.

I must say, if you are an avid traveler or road warrior like myself and do not find much time before your next flight, well, you just might be surprised how clean you can eat...even on an airplane!

Happy Travels!