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Counting Calories? Determine your Daily Calorie Needs FIRST!

Whitney Carlson17 Comments

Want to know how many calories you should have per day?  Try these websites and average the results!

About.com's Calorie Count - Focused on achieving goal-weight, this calculator uses your current weight, goal weight, gender, age, height, activity level and desired time frame to calculate your goal calorie intake.

Fitness Magazine - This calculator takes into consideration height, weight, age, sex, and activity level. It calculates what you need to maintain your weight.  You will need to subtract calories if you are interested in losing weight.

Free Dieting - This calculator is slightly less information-intensive as other calculators listed.  It accounts for your age, gender, weight, height and activity level. It then provides you with maintenance calorie intake, fat loss calorie intake and extreme fat loss calorie intake (He & She does not recommend following the extreme fat loss calorie intake suggested).

Mayo Clinic - This calculator also considers your height, weight, age and sex. It has fewer settings for activity level as that of the Fitness Magazine counter, but it is quite similar. You will need to subtract calories for weight loss.

What did you find out?  Are you on track with your calories?