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Clean Eat Education: The Nutrition of the Egg

EducationWhitney Carlson4 Comments

What is so special about the egg?  I know it's a complete protein... but what does that really mean?  Are there any negatives that I should be aware of? What is the nutritional content?


He & She breaks down the Egg for you and offers some insight to this natural protein source.  See below:


What is an egg white?  The egg white, or albumen, is the protection for the developing chick.  It is high in nutrients, including vitamins Riboflavin and Selenium to support and protect the embryo. The egg white also contains Ovalbumin, a protein that aids in the metabolism of enzymes in the human body. Don't be fooled though - there are more than 40 different protein types in an egg white from just one egg. Fantastic added bonus!


Should I eat the entire egg?  There are different schools of thought on this topic.  Ultimately, it depends on your nutritional goals.  Are you looking to build muscle mass (eat egg whites as you will likely be consuming more eggs) or provide your body with wholesome foods that it needs (eating egg yokes, sparingly, will be just fine)?  Although He & She recommends monitoring your intake of egg yolks, there is no need to worry about the cholesterol content.  The enzymes and proteins found in the egg white of an egg can actually help protect the human body from ingesting too much cholesterol. Throw an egg yolk in with your egg whites from time to time and reap the benefits of the natural source of vitamins and fats.


Nutritional Information: 

If you eat the entire egg, you will find that in one large egg, you ingest:

          71 Calories

          5g Fat

               2g Saturated Fat

          221mg Cholesterol

          70mg Sodium

          0g Carbs/Sugars

          6g Protein


High in vitamins: Riboflavin, B12, Phosphorus and Selenium


Go the leaner, muscle-building route and opt to scramble up some egg whites.  Your nutritional intake then changes to:

          16 Calories

          0g Fat

               0g Saturated Fat

          0mg Cholesterol

          55mg Sodium

          0g Carbs/Sugars

          4g Protein

High in vitamins: Riboflavin, Selenium