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20-Minute Interval Rowing Workout

Cardio/HIITWhitney CarlsonComment
 20-Minute Interval Rowing Workout

I can't believe it's been so long (like months!) that I've "formally" shared a cardio workout! Well, actually this is Scott's rowing workout. I typically like to do different types of treadmill workouts (varying incline and speed) so I put him to the task of writing down one of his rowing workouts to share.

The best way to describe this 20-Minute Interval Rowing Workout is that it will be difficult for beginners and moderate for intermediate rowers but it can easily be customized to your fitness level. This one is great to do on your cardio day or after your lifting session!

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Below are a few quick tips:

  • Drive with your legs
  • Keep good posture throughout the stroke
  • Focus on utilizing a full range of motion
 20-Minute Interval Rowing Workout