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10 Things to Get Rid of for a Clutter-Free Home

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10 Things to Get Rid of for a Clutter-Free Home | He and She Eat Clean

I've received quite a few messages regarding all of the clutter clearing and purging we have been doing (see our weekly updates). I wanted to take this opportunity to share just a few things that you can easily go through and get rid of to start your journey. While some items (sentimental items like pictures, notes, etc.) will be harder to get rid of than others this list is pretty neutral so you should be able to clear these out without much struggle. ;-) We will be sharing much more on this topic soon but use this list to get started. I've also included where you can check the items off as you complete them! You can make your own timeframe goal, for example, you could do one checklist item each day and be well on your way in 10 days!

Just as it is with fitness, the hardest part tends to be maintaining. After you have cleared all 10 items off the checklist, set aside some time each week to make sure you are up to date on things like paperwork and maybe even take a second look through your closet!

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10 Things to Get Rid of for a Clutter-Free Home

1. Piled up paperwork

Everyone hates piled up paperwork but it seems to happen often and quickly for most people. Even if you don't have time to go through every item each day, you can sort them and throw away/recycle the trash and place the important items in a folder to sort at least once a week.

2. Old or unread magazines

How many stacks of magazines do you have that you just held onto for one reason or another? I'll raise my hand here! I recycled stacks and stacks of magazines a few months ago. You can find almost anything online now and even if you wanted to try something out of those magazines, it obviously wasn't important to you because it has just been collecting dust. If you want to take the time to go through the magazines and get the tips, recipes, etc that you want, that's up to you but I recommend just tossing them.

3. Expired food

Take a quick sweep of your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. While I don't believe in all expiration dates, many are important. Take this time clean out your food supply.

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4. Duplicate kitchen items

The overload of items I found while clearing our kitchen was just disgusting to me. I got rid of all of our duplicate items and cut way back on how many plates, bowls, cups, etc that we kept. We haven't missed anything so far. There are a lot of people out there who would love to have some of the items we take for granted. If you aren't using what you have, donate it so someone else can! Take a good look at your items like whisks, measuring cups, knives, etc.

5. Broken items (toys, jewelry, etc)

This one sounds easy but many times we set broken things aside to fix them and never do. I am all for fixing something that is broken and using it but if things seem to pile up around you and you never get around to fixing said items, give them to someone who can or recycle them. Don't hold onto things because you feel bad for tossing them. Even if you don't realize it, your things are weighing you down.

6. Dust collectors (fake plants, decor on top of cabinets, trinkets, etc)

How often do you dust those fake plants and flowers you have? What about the collection of baskets, fake fruit, or other trinkets you have on top of your kitchen cabinets, inside your China cabinet, and in other numerous places around your house? If you aren't going to take care of it (i.e. dusting it), get rid of it. Not only will it make your home clutter-free but it will likely help your allergies also. ;-)

7. Expired cosmetics (dried nail polish too!)

I had a bad habit of holding onto those small travel sized items from hotels. I had so many and just kept adding to the pile each time. If they aren't expired, find someone who can use these, contact your local women's shelters, homeless shelters, or donate them.

8. Pens, pencils, markers that no longer work

This is another one that sounds easy but tends to be overlooked! Go through your collection of writing utensils. Immediately toss the ones that no longer work. After you have tossed those, take a close look at what you have left. If you have a ton of supplies, donate them to a local school!

9. Owners manuals & guides

Do you have owners manuals and guides scatter in different drawers around your house? When was the last time you actually used one? When something goes wrong most of us just pull out our phone or computer and google what we need. We had some manuals to items that we didn't even own anymore! Almost everything can be found online but if you are too nervous to toss some of them, keep them all in one place and discard the ones that are no longer relevant.

10. Clothing and shoes that no longer fit

This one might take you a little longer than the others but it's important. While I will go deeper into clothing and shoes in another post, now is the time to get rid of those clothes that you KNOW are too big or too small. You don't have to go through each item right now, only those that you are hanging onto that do not fit. Let go of what you "used to be" or what size "you want to be". Being happy and healthy is more important than a size. If you do NEED to lose weight, you can always purchase staple items after you lose the weight. You can even try to purchase those from a second-hand store.

Remember the whole point here is to get rid of things you no longer use. You don't have to get rid of your favorite decoration, pen, or pair of pants. We take a lot of things for granted so let go of what you don't use and give someone who might not have much the opportunity to actually use it.

Use the checklist below as you complete each task. Print it off and hang it up for motivation!

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10 Things to Get Rid of for a Clutter-Free Home | He and She Eat Clean