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10-Minute Speed Workout {On The Treadmill}

Cardio/HIITWhitney Carlson1 Comment
10-Minute Speed Workout {On The Treadmill} | He and She Eat Clean

Looking for a quick workout for after your lifting session? This is one treadmill workout that I love to do if I don't have time for a full cardio session.

You can adjust the incline up to 1.0 but don't change it - keep it on the same incline the entire duration. You will gradually speed up during the first half and then lower your speed back down for the second half. The speed listed is the suggested speed but if you are not able to run this fast yet that is okay! As always, you should adjust to your fitness level - start where you are comfortable (but at a speed that still gets your heart pounding!) and work on improving each time you do this workout.

10-Minute Speed Workout {On The Treadmill}

10-Minute Speed Workout {On The Treadmill} | He and She Eat Clean

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