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Sweat it off in 12 Weeks Transformation Challenge

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Sweat it off in 12 Weeks Transformation Challenge | He and She Eat Clean

It has been awhile since we started a new challenge and with the summer being a busy time and many people getting "off schedule", we thought it would be the perfect time to start a new challenge! Maybe you are a teacher with the summers off or maybe you are a parent with your kids off during the summer while you still work - summer can be tricky for many reasons! Even if you aren't a parent, new seasons mean new goals and new opportunities to move forward in the right direction. Let's take the "unofficial" (as in it's already in the high 90s here in Georgia) start to summer and knock our health and fitness goals out of the park!

Join our She Sweats Spring Workout Challenge and you could win a prize pack valued over $200!

Sweat It Off in 12 Weeks Transformation Challenge

Ready to commit? It's simple to enter:

  • Purchase your workout plan (you can use the 12-Week Transformation or the 12-Week Run Builder). You must have your own copy. It is illegal to distribute copies of this workout.
  • Fill out the form below.
  • Before starting, take your "before" pictures with some sort of time stamp (using the time stamp on a camera or a newspaper). Make sure your pictures are clear. You can wear what you prefer but make sure it is something where you can tell your progress throughout the challenge period. Take pictures from the front, side, and back. Stand using good posture.
  • Complete the workout plan that you choose.
  • Take "after" pictures in the same manner that you did your "before" pictures.
  • Email your before and after pictures (together) to thegang@heandsheeatclean.com.

BEFORE PICTURES MUST BE TAKEN BY JULY 5, 2016. AFTER PICTURES ARE DUE BY OCTOBER 3, 2016. Send in your pictures once you are finished - you do not have to wait until October 3rd.

You can choose between the gym or the at-home version or get both for those days when you can't make it to the gym (the plans are interchangeable). The bundles (that include the workout plan and eBooks) also count. You can choose your product from the drop down menu below. You can also learn more about our plans here and read some of our success stories here.

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