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More Holiday Treats, Less Holiday Cheats

Whitney Carlson1 Comment

This Holiday you may be venturing over to your parent's house, your relative's house or even hosting your very own meal. Don't feel like you can't eat anything! Help them out by bringing some of your "cleaner" versions of holiday favorites.

Whitney and I took a stroll around Whole Foods to see what fantastic goodness their buyers had found for a health-conscious alternative to some holiday favorites. 

Instead of your traditional eggnog, try this Almond Milk-based eggnog! The ingredients? Only Almond Milk and Pure Cane Sugar!

Perhaps eggnog isn't your thing? How about Chia tea? 

For families that cook Italian food at Christmas (If you don't or haven't heard of this tradition, many families do! Especially those in the North East.)

There are tons more swaps you can do! We challenge you to swap one thing for something clean at your family's dinner table this Christmas. What will you swap?

- Tiffany and Whitney