Monday, March 18, 2013

Clean Eat Treat :: Guilt Free Cinnamon Rolls

These pregnancy hormones have me craving some pretty interesting things! Good thing I'm not willing to give into temptation! On a whim, I whipped these up and I must say, they are one of my favorite recipes for a cinnamon roll that is actually CLEAN and GUILT FREE that I have tried yet!

Guilt Free Cinnamon Rolls

2.5 TBSP Coconut Oil (Softened - ~30 seconds in microwave)
2.5 tsp Cinnamon

4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sea salt
3 TBSP Coconut Oil (Softened ~30 seconds in microwave)

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2. Combine ingredients for filling in a small bowl. Ingredients will form a grainy paste. Set aside.
3. Mix first 6 ingredients of dough in a medium size bowl. Stir with a wooden spoon (metal can also be used; however to save utensils, it may be easier to use a wooden spoon so you can continue using it for your dough). Once combined, slowly integrate the softened coconut oil into the mixture, stirring to combine. This should begin forming a dough. Once combined, add almond milk to complete dough, stirring and kneading with the wooden spoon. Form ball with dough.
4. Once dough is combined, place dough on a floured surface (can use either the oat flour or the whole wheat flour to protect your surface). Using a floured rolling pin, roll dough to a 1/4" consistency. It is best to create as much of a rectangle/square as possible while doing this.
5. Spread 3/4 of your filling mixture over the top of the dough mixture. Be sure to coat all areas of dough. Roll up dough starting at one end - you may use a knife to help you if the dough is sticking to your floured surface.
6. Cut dough into 12 equal size pieces. Place each cinnamon roll (piece) in one section of a 12 muffin tin that has been sprayed with 100% pure olive oil (We use this mister). This will promote consistency while baking and avoid sticking.  Using a spoon add the rest (1/4) of your filling mixture to the top of each cinnamon roll.
7. Bake for approximately 18-22 minutes depending on your desired consistency. Because the dough does not have yeast, it will be softest at 18 minutes vs. 22 minutes.

Mets: per cinnamon roll (you determine your serving size)
Calories - 134
Protein - 4g
Fats - 8g
Carbs - 13g
Sugars - 1g

The fat content is high - is that ok? Yep! Coconut oil is a good fat - don't go indulging in all 12 cinnamon rolls, but 2 would be the perfect portion size if you need a sweet treat in the morning, perhaps coupled with 1/4 c of unsweetened greek yogurt.
Why is there no icing? Quite frankly, I have tried about 4 different clean "icing" recipes and they just don't taste right. The rolls are sweet without the icing!

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  1. These look amazing and I would love to make them for Easter brunch. I do have a niece that's allergic to gluten - any suggestions on what I could use instead of the whole wheat pastry flour so that she can enjoy them too? thanks in advance!!

    1. That's a hard one! You could probably make it with a gluten free flour substituted for the whole wheat. I wouldn't do all GF Oat flour - they would be really hard!

    2. I am gluten sensitive and I just made these with subbing 1 cup Hodson's Mill Pancake and Waffle Mix with milled flax seed for the whole wheat pastry flour. I only needed about 2/3 c almond milk and they turned out delicious! I am in love. It changed the macros to only 11 grams carbs (but I also used isopure natural vanilla protein) also only 125 calories per muffin. Keep the great recipes coming!

    3. Ashley! Scott saw this comment come to his email last night and insisted I made these so at 10:30 last night I had to make these cinnamon rolls! LOL! :-)

  2. These looks amazing and so simple to make. I will have to try this recipe out very soon. Thanks for the post!

  3. can these be made without the coconut oil ?

  4. I made these today for brunch and they were really tasty! I used oat flour, rice flour and potato flour to make them gluten free... A bit crumbly but still yummy!

  5. Can i make oat flour by putting oats in the blender? This recipe looks amazing!! Thank u

    1. I don't think a blender will do it but a coffee grinder or spice grinder will.

    2. It takes a very good food processor to do that! You can grind them up small but not quite as fine as if you buy oat flour!

  6. I'm allergic to there a substitute I could use?

  7. Looks yummy! Jacqueline, use butter instead of coconut oil both are saturated fats. Could also sub applesauce, pumpkin, or olive oil.

  8. Hi. Should I measure the coconut oil before I soften it or after? (Am I measuring it in liquid form or in it's hardish state, I guess is what I'm trying to ask?) Thanks!

  9. Could I sub the almond milk with coconut milk? My daughter is allergic to nuts.

  10. Recipe looks yummy. Could I substitute almond flour for the Oat flour and also is the protein powder a must? I have found that in some recipes I do not like the oat flour, vanilla protein powder combo.
    Thanks you guys are great love your site!

  11. Thank you for this recipe!!! I make a not clean version of cinnamon roll egg bake thing(doesn't have a name)and I have been searching for a cleaner cinnamon roll so I can make it again. YAY!!

  12. I made these the night before the first day of school for my kids and left them in the fridge overnight. The next morning I popped them in the oven. My kids, especially my daughter, LOVED them! I substituted the Xylitol for Sucanat 1:1 because I couldn't find it last minute. They do not carry it at Whole Foods for those that are looking.

  13. I was just getting on this morning to find something healthy (and different) from our usual breakfast routine for Christmas morning. I'm going to do the cinnamon rolls! Can't wait to try it; thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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