Monday, January 28, 2013

Clean Eat Recipe :: Morning Mayhem Power Protein Smoothie

Need something to get you going and provide that extra energy you will need to face your day? Don't have enough time to make a clean breakfast sandwich or have you run out of prepped food for the week? Try this shake on for size!

Morning Mayhem Power Protein Smoothie
adapted from Tosca Reno's Super Power Smoothie in the Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook 2

1 cup frozen raspberries
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 ripe banana (medium size)
1 cup plain, unsweetened greek yogurt
2 peeled oranges
1 Tbsp almond butter
4 oz water

Combine all ingredients and blend. Enjoy!

Makes 2 servings

Calories - 440
Protein - 31g
Fat - 9g
Carbs - 64g  

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  1. Sounds like a nutritionally packed smoothie. In the colder months, I tend to not go for smoothies. These drinks make me cold and it's hard for me to warm up :-P


  2. This sounds like a yummy change from my normal Strawberry banana smoothy. I use Arbonne Vanilla protein, it's vegan and gluten free!

  3. I hope this is not a silly question, but you use just the juice of the orange...right? Or do you literally use the whole orange minus the skin? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sheki!
      That's not a silly question! I actually used the entire orange minus the peel.

  4. Is it 440 calories per serving?

  5. Is there anything to substitute in for the yogurt? Cannot have Dairy:(


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